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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> grateful to be alive because after seeing what occurred i don't even know how i'm alive today. >> tonight their chilling accounts and horrifying new details about the shooter. >> he said that the reason why he was doing this because he wanted america to stop bombing his country. >> tonight on fox, recovering from tragedy. ♪ and that tragedy is still eau sinking in tonight we did get two gym mers of hope when we heard from two survivors patience carter and angel santiago well enough to speak. they survived the worse mass shooting in u.s. history a massacre that killed 49 others. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. before we hear from patience and angel a look at the developments in the investigation what we know right knowledge today law enforcement sources told fox news the shooter omar mateen's wife new about plans for a
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possible attack before he killed 49 people and injured 53 others orlando pulls nightclub lgbt bar early sun morning. his wife did not alert authorities before the shootin shootings. we've also learned mateen was a regular at pulse and reportedly had profiles on gay dating apps. meanwhile, 27 survivors are still in the hospital. six are in intensive care as we've shown you two of those survivors spoke today for the first time since the massacre. >> one of them patience carter is an intern here at fox 29. she says what started as the best night of their lives turned out to be the worst night of their lives in just a master minutes. >> i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. >> from the orlando hospital where she's being treated, patience carter recites emotional poem she wrote late last night about surviving the sheer horror of the orlando
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nightclub massacre and the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive. >> you laid beside individuals who lives were brutally taken. the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> the 20-year-old from north philadelphia and a fox 29 intern was shot in both legs as the terror unfolded before her eyes. she saw others die including her friend 18-year-old akyra murray who just graduated from west catholic prep. she says writing is part of her healing process. >> looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at killer's machine gun throughout my right peripheral, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. >> patience was at the pulse nightclub with friends tiara parker and akyra murray when the gunshots started rinking out around 2:00 o'clock sunday morning.
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patience says they wound up running for cover in a bathroom hiding in a stall. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs. >> patience says the gunfire actually stopped for while but the gunman remained in the bathroom with them for hours as she lay in her own blood and that of others. she says they heard him make a call to 911. >> i can hear him talking to 911 saying that the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country, and from that conversation, from 911, he pledges allegiance to isis. >> she says there was no doubt the people in that bathroom what his motives were. and that he even seemed to be talking to someone else who she thinks may have been involved. then the shooting started all over again. >> he said, hey, you, to someone on the floor inside the bathroom and shot them.
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shot another person and then shot another person who happened to be directly behind me. >> patience says she learned that person actually shielded her with their body so she could survive. she doesn't know who that person is. but has a message for them. >> thank you, thank you for saving my life literally. if it wasn't for that person shielding me it would have been me shot and i wouldn't be sitting here today. >> you heard some of patience poem we'll play in its entirety later on in this newscast. >> but first the others survivor who spoke today angel santiago also from philadelphia. he had just moved to florida. our bill anderson in the newsroom now with what he had to say. bill? >> reporter: really touching moment. angel santiago is yet another person with close ties to our area. up until late last year he lived in south philadelphia. his mother still lives here. he's recovering from being shot twice and grazed a third time. today he described the horrific night in the pulse nightclub. >> i was bleeding, my friend jeff was bleeding a lot, i
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was -- on the ground in a pool blood. i wasn't sure whose it was. >> for hours angel santiago described being in bathroom stall with ace many as 15 people many like angel had been shot. some he said obviously deceased. others trying to figure out a way to escape the club. >> i had to drag myself out of the bathroom towards the bar area where i was initially. until i actually saw like the face avenue police officer. so when i finally saw an officer, i had my cell phone in my hand even started waving the light so they could see me. >> reporter: after he got out angel santiago told a story we've heard numerous times since this mass killing took place. victims were at least as concerned about their friends as they were about themselves. >> just telling him, my friend was shot. there's several people there who i believe are dead, and there are at least 15 people in there. we need your help. we need someone to go in there. >> reporter: surrounded by friends and family, angel expressed thanks that the
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friends he was with that night survived. condolences for those that lost their lives and gratitude along with admitted shock that he lived to share his story. >> i'm just grateful to be alive because there's -- after seeing what occurred, i don't even know how i'm alive today. >> reporter: as you can see, both patience and angel amazingly strong after what they've been through. but like so many others they still have a long road of recovery after being shot. now, angel santiago friends and family have set up a gofundme account to help with medical expenses. we'll share that on our fox 29 facebook page as well as dawn, as this healing process continues. >> all right, thank you so much, bill. well, more of the survivors stories in their own words are on we will keep updating our stories with the very latest information online and on your tv just look for the links on our home page. a school police officer from tilden middle school in
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southwest philadelphia is in the hospital tonight after getting hurt inside the school this afternoon. skyfox over the school just before 2:00 this afternoon. police tell us the officer was trying to subdue a student during some sort of incident and was injured. that officer is at mercy fitzgerald hospital in stable condition. happening now the search for whoever is behind a gruesome crime. investigators say someone dumped a woman's body in fairmount park. authorities say she had been stabbed and shot. and now police are trying to peace the whole thing together. dave schratwieser has been following the investigation throughout date and joins us live now from police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: iain, at this hour, crime scene investigators and homicide detectives are going over fingerprints taken from the victim's body trying to identify her. she was brutally murdered and sources tell me tonight she may have been tortured for hours before she was killed. it was just before 8:30 tuesday morning when a couple on their way to work spotted the body of a woman just off the 5300 block
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of georgia hill drive behind the mann center in fairmont park. they called police. >> found unidentified black female handcuffed with her hands to the front. she had been stabbed multiple times and she was shot one time in the back of the head. >> reporter: investigators believe the woman in her late 20s may have been there for as many as 10 to 15 hours. they also believe the victim was murdered somewhere else. her body dumped here. sources tell fox 29, she may have been tortured. >> i believe she was in a fight for her life. unfortunately, she lost. >> reporter: detectives say the victim had several defensive wounds on her hands and arms. they described several tattoos on her body. >> she has the word loyal l-o-y-a-l across her chest. she has the word cash k-a money sign for s and hadn't a on her right writ and tattoo of arose on her right thigh. >> reporter: police say
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they're checking reports of missing persons across the city they are not linking this murder to any other crimes in the area of the park at this point. >> we're asking anyone who has any information to contact our unit at (215)686-3384 or 3335. >> investigators did not find a murder weapon at the scene. they say the victim was wearing a white top and a multi colored skirt. they do not believe she was sexually assaulted. the detective boss not talk any further about what other evidence they may have found at the scene. we'll have the very latest on the investigation coming up at 6:00. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. see you then. four people are hurt after a car hops the curb along south street and hits a group of people on the sidewalk. it happened just after 1:00 this morning right near third and south street. police tell us the woman driver somehow lost control and hit four people before smashing into a primeau hoagies. medic took those people to jefferson university hospital.
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we are hearing all of the injuries fortunately are just minor. well they looked just like maintenance workers. but two men outside frankford home were burglars. take a good look at this video. the two bad guys went to home on the 4600 block of pilling street knocked on the door, when they realized nobody was home, they broke in through a second floor window burglarizing the house. they both took off so if you recognize them, please call police. today is donald trump's birthday and one group through him a party on the other side of the world. why these people in india are wishing him a happy 70th. and new at 6:00 eagles kicker cody parker opens his home to a shelter dog. way he says about the rescue that's teaching him discipline that could actually help along the field. scott. >> dawn, beautiful picture perfect tuesday across the area. really not a cloud in the sky but coming up i'm track something changes when to expect clouds and y, it look like some rainfall. we'll break down the timing next. ♪
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♪ we are following developing news out of northeast philadelphia right now. a young woman crossing roosevelt boulevard struck and killed by a car. now police are searching for that driver who left the scene. police say the victim had a green light when she was crossing but so did the driver. fox 29' bruce gordon live at the accident scene in northeast philadelphia to sort it all out. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, philadelphia teenager is dead tonight struck down by a
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hit-and-run driver right here at this intersection of roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue. frankly confusing mess of an intersection. the lights for which may have played a role in this tragic crash. you don't have spend much time at the intersection of rows vessel boulevard and adams avenue to see something is wrong. very wrong. oh, there are the usual red light runners, but that's not it. notice when northbound traffic gets its green light, the pedestrian light at adams says walk. so as northbound traffic makes the soft right hand curve eastbound on to adams at 40 miles an hour or better, takes drivers straight into pedestrians who thought they had the right of way. >> i actually grew up right here and this has been crazy like this my entire life. and i have no idea why they do it. i walk around. >> reporter: philadelphia police say 17-year-old marcella jackson of feltonville was struck and killed in exactly that fashion monday night around 11:30. crossing adams southbound when
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she was struck by a northbound light color older model mini van making that soft right hand curve on to adams. the driver took off. >> all the drive had to do at that point was just stop. the driver had a green light. as did the pedestrian. had it stopped and pulled over and like they're supposed to call 911, and render aid that's what you're supposed to do. >> reporter: it looks like it's a ridiculously dangerous situation here. i'm watching people scamper across i called penndot to report the screw relight cycle they called eight valid observation and asked they're talking with city traffic engineers to see about a fix. remember, as pedestrians get their walk light, northbound traffic making that curve at 40 miles an hour or better is heading straight at them. >> i was out there and it look like a tough place to cross adams avenue at that point without a doubt. the streets department has designed it that way for whatever reason i don't know. and it may have caused -- may have caused the crash. >> reporter: witness tells police that the victim march
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kayla jackson was her cell phone seconds before the crash it's not known for certain she was distracted at the time of the crash. if you know anything about a light color older model mini van with some front end damage and certainly a brand new broken windshield, call police. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. a hostage situation inside a texas wal*mart ends with an armed suspect shot dead. details still emerging right now police in amarillo say it may have been a workplace violence situation and right now police say the hostages are safe and the only injury is to the suspected gunman. police though are still urging residents to stay away from that area. charges today against the man arrested before a california gay pride parade this weekend. >> police say he was carrying high-powered weapons and explosives. 20-year-old james how well was taken into custody after police received a call about a suspec suspected prowler in santa monica. police say they found the indiana resident sitting in his car with a 5-gallon bucket of explosives and three assault rifles.
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it happened only hours after the orlando nightclub attack. how well's ex-boyfriend told reporters today that after they broke up, how well threatened him with an assault rifle. president obama took time today to address the nation on gun control in light of that shooting in orlando. speaking today from the white house, the president said it's time for change in the united states. the president coming down hard on the gun lobby urging congress to pass gun legislation once and for all. president obama also calling out republicans who he says are using dangerous rhetoric to feed right into terrorist hands. there are steps lawmakers can take that are constitutional. >> reinstate the assault weapons ban. make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. otherwise, despite extraordinary efforts across our government, by local law enforcement, by our intelligence agencies by our military, despite all the sacrifices that folks make,
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these kinds of events will keep on happening. >> the president also said the military is working to destroy isis and that the us has made significant progress in that fight. seven state workers are indict dad in delaware on charges of stealing federal money. delaware's attorney general says all of the suspects worked for the department of health and social services. they allegedly created fake cases and stole more than $900,000 from the state's food benefit program. the suspectings are accused of both using the food ebt cards themselves and selling them for a discount. five of those suspects have been arrested. two are still at large tonight. happening now, closing arguments are finish in the corruption trial of representative chaka fattah. the jury will get the case soon. our jeff cole has been tagging the high stakes trial and joins us tonight in the newsroom. jeff. >> here's what they've been arguing about multi count indictment. united states attorney says the long-time u.s. representative stole tax dollars, money from a charity, government grants and
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campaign dollars to advance himself politically and personally. fattah who faces fine counts is charged along with four others over the last two days in federal court defense lawyers have argue the government cherry picked evidence to smear at a if a at a and others the core of the allegations is an illegal 1000000.2007 campaign loan for fattah's race for mayor of philadelphia. fattah's lawyers say he was not behind setting up the lone and claims his name appears nowhere on documents or e-mails linked to that deal. they say he's been accused by admitted felons. the government says fattah called the plays and his co-defendants rammed them. including getting illegal loan. the defendants did not take the stand including herbert voter man charged with funnel link cash to at a if a at a. >> do you think you're okay he here? >> i hope so. yeah. >> you didn't want to take the stand? you thought you wouldn't take the stand in this case. >> no reason. >> you don't believe you've done anything wrong here? >> that's my opinion, yeah.
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>> reporter: herbert vetter man along with of the four defendants along it fattah. the government has the last word in niece cases it told the jury just this afternoon that it was time to hold fattah and the others to account. the judge will instruct or charge the jury in the morning. and it will begin deliberations in this building trial. i'm jeff cole in the newsroom. dawn, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. in delaware, the state senate will vote on equal protection amendment to the state's constitution. if passed, it says equal protection under the law shall not be denied because of race, sex, age, religious, creed, color, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is resting at home tonight after an outer loop procedure to treat his prostate cancer that's according to his press secretary tonight. the governor has not said what procedure he under went he'll be back in his office on thursday and carry out his duties.
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in the meantime wolf who's 67 years old described the cancer as mild, and would it require minor treatment that will not involve chemotherapy. he announced he had cancer back in february. just 15 minutes that's all it could take for older american toss live longer. what a new says you need to do during that time and why. >> a train derailment in maryland. authorities are thankful no one was hurt but they are asking the fbi to get involved. we'll explain. >> shocking find in a neighborhood drainage system. an 11-foot alligator. what mysterious call that led authorities to this incredible find. ♪
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proudly serving the military for over 75 years. >> developing in france man who stabbed two police officers to death at their home in paris suburb post a video online confessing to the killings and pledging loyalty to the islamic state group. attacker also had a list of other targets including rappers, journalists, police officers and public officials. french authorities say he kill the two police officers a husband and wife in front of their three-year-old son.
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police killed the man in a standoff. the french president urged heightened security after what he said was quote inn contestablely a terrorist act. back here in the united states huge warehouse fire knock out power to thousands of people. >> tonight investigators are trying to figure out exactly what sparked it. that fire started overnight. knocking out power to more than 4,000 people at one point. this is in southeast los angeles county. crews evacuated nearby apartment building as a precaution. firefighters were able to contain the flames but they did allow the magnesium in the warehouse to burn to avoid any violent explosions. in arkansas the search is on for an inmate who escaped prison yesterday. lloyd jones is serving a 60 year prison sentence for first degree murder. he killed a 16-year-old girl and stuffed her body in a barrel. spokesperson at the correctional facility says the staff is well trained to deal with escaped inmates. >> unfortunately, we have had escapes from our facilities, but our staff is well trained.
5:26 pm
we do drills and table top exercises with our personnel and with local personnel where we have to the ability to ensure that when we have situations like this everybody knows what to do. >> police are asking anyone with information on lloyd jones whereabouts to contact them immediately. one of the most striking heartfelt testament in the wake of the tragedy in orlando coming from a philadelphia native. still to come the poem that gives a glimpse at what it's like to survive. scott. >> dawn, it was another perfect 10 across the area. can we do it again for the middle of the week? we'll talk that forecast, late week showers and the u.s. open golf forecast. new information on the timing of that rainfall coming up.
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♪ disturbing charges against a new jersey man tonight. the state's attorney general says thomas perretti of flemington solicited underaged girls to send him sexually explicit photos. one of his victims a16-year-old girl with autism. the 33-year-old is facing additional charges for 2,014 child pornography incident as well. we are learning more about the man who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern american mystery. fbi is now looking into reports that the gunman omar mateen was a regular inside that gay
5:30 pm
nightclub and that he had used gay diet dating apps much sources are telling fox news mateen's wife new about the planned attack and that the shooter even called his wife during the attack inside pulse nightclub. separate source says police will likely arrest her. earlier in the newscast we heard from two survivors both from philadelphia. one is an intern right here at fox 29. >> patience carter spoke about the horror of being shot and of losing one of her best friends. earlier today, she read a poem she wrote while healing from this unthinkable trauma. we want to play that poem for you now in its entirety. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. wanting to smile about surviving but not sure if the people around you are ready. as the world mourns the victims killed and viciously slain i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain because i could feel nothing.
5:31 pm
like the other 49 who weren't so lucky to feel this pain of mine. i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killer's machine gun throughout my right peripheral, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. it's like the weight of the ocean's wall crushing uncontrolled by heavies. it's like being drug through the grass with shattered leg and thrown on the back of a chevy. the like being rushed to the hospital and told you're going
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to make it when you lay beside individuals who lives are brutally taken. the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> our thoughts and prayers remain with patience, her family and everyone affected by this atrocity. we are in constant communication with patience who was a fox 29 intern. we will keep updated on her recovery. and we'll continue to follow this story on the air and on we'll continue to update our stories with the very latest information just look for links on the home page. let's get a check on your fox 29 weather authority now. i think i'd give this a perfect 10. >> yeah, it was a gorgeous day. >> what's wrong with this day. >> nothing. nothing at all. get outdoors and enjoy it. the humidity is low and there's no rainfall right now. but look at ultimate doppler off to the west. that is our next storm system that. will move in for the latter part of the week to kind of put a damper on some thing but it looks like that rain will be out of here in time for the up
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coming holiday father's day weekend. as we take a look at the rainfall chances over the next several days tomorrow looks dry and quiet but look at the spike thursday about a 60% chance for some showers most of the rain likely the first half of the day. but we still have some lingering chances early on friday and then look at saturday. looking pretty good. picture perfect right now outside our studios. really not a cloud in the sky. skate 78 degrees right now. the current temperature and look at the humidity. only at 27%. thanks to dew points right now in the low 40s so this is really comfortable for june standards. we have 78 in millville. 78 currently dover. reading checking in at 78. 70 beautiful weather right now in the pocono mountains. 80 cinnaminson. voorhees stein 79. 78 ocean city. mid 70s right now in avalon and wildwood. a beautiful day on the beach. as we take a look at what's to go to happen dry and quiet for tonight. then as we move toward
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tomorrow, we'll start the day sunshine. high temperatures around 81 degrees. but clouds start to thicken out to the west. and take a look at all of the rainfall. that will stay off to our south and west during much of the day tomorrow. but overnight wednesday into thursday, that's when i am timing some of that rain. so we'll in a little closer. here's tomorrow morning. once again a lot of sunshine. no worries whatsoever throughout the day. but by tomorrow afternoon and evening, the western part of the state already looking at some clouds and showers. the clouds start to increase and thicken for us wednesday eveni evening. so by thursday morning's commute mostly cloudy, we're looking at some scattered showers across the area. and then just kind of on and off throughout the day on thursday. cooler temperatures below average for this time of year and you can see rain across much of the state also just outside of pittsburgh oakmont we're talking about the us open. so it look like some wet weather at least to start that particular championship so let's talk about the temperatures for
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tonight. 55 in the burbs. city in the city. fair skies winds are light comfortable get outdoors in your gardens or perhaps throw something on the grill. looking pretty good for that tonight. tomorrow 81 degrees. another nice day. sun giving way to clouds, though, by the afternoon and evening. and then once again those showers moving in by your thursday. so 81 tomorrow. 73 degrees on thursday. so temperatures below average. lingering showers on friday. the high temperature right around 80 degrees or so and then look at the upcoming father's day weekend. beautiful. 83 on saturday. 84 on sunday. and then look at how temperatures warm up as we kick off summer officially arrives on monday. the high 87 degrees. then tuesday 90. shore temperatures next several days will be comfortable in the low to mid 70s. so we got a big us open golf tournament taking place oakmont, pennsylvania, showers once again likely, iain, 70% chance on
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thursday. and then you can see friday lingering showers. but the upcoming weekend looking pretty good. so it looks like it's going to be kind of a soft course out there. >> maybe. that course is firm and fast and those greens are incredibly fast. all right. >> thank you scott. a train derailment in maryland. authorities are thankful no one was hurt but they're asking the fbi to get involved. we'll explain. and on the birthday of u.s. army one local group is helping veterans suit up for success. the effort that you can be a part of. and new at 6:00 a three-state manhunt for accused of triple murderer ends in our area. link to the region that might have brought him here.
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duke and duchess of cambridge offering their sympathies to those killed in the orlando tragedy. prince william and kate signed a book of condolences today at the u.s. embassy in london. the attack which killed 49 people has sent shock waves throughout the world. we have seen memorials, vigils and signs of solidarity across the globe. crews in maryland picking up the pieces after a train from
5:40 pm
philadelphia derailed. it happened just after sunrise monday morning in mount royal. officials say a csx48 train jumped the tracks in the howard street tunnel. the train from philadelphia bound for cumberland, maryland has 124 cars. 13 of them derailed. they were all empty except for one which was carrying acetone. people living nearby are thankful a larger disaster was avoided. >> i know that dangerous flammable materials are shipped through the tunnel underneath howard street. we're very very lucky that this particular train that happens to be the one that derailed wasn't carrying something more dangerous. >> the fbi is involved in the investigation. but so far authorities say mechanical problems appear to be to blame. today is donald trump's birthday and one grew through hame party on the other side of the roar. why these people in india are wishing him a happy 70th. >> this little girl is really cute but her skills on the court are what gets hitting her noti notice. how she's school pro ball players. howard? >> yes, i'm not sure if you can
5:41 pm
say the wheels are falling off for the phillies. but today they could have stopped the game after three innings. i will have what went wrong and the dream for an amateur golfer to play in the us open a dream come true coming up in sports.
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♪ emergency crews rescue a man from a billboard in texas. this happened at a chevy dealership.
5:45 pm
rescue crews arriving on the scene to find the man passed out on the sign. police think the man may have lost consciousness from heat exhaustion while trapped 70 feet in the air. no word though on exactly how he got up there. crews pulled the worker from inside the sign and on to a bucket from a fire truck. he was conscious and loaded into an ambulance. historic casino in sin city blown to pieces. the riviere air ya hotel and casino went out with a bang this morning. 24 hour monaco tower demolish after controlled implosion. huge plumes of dust followed with lots of cheers. the riff yeah rah was the first high rise casino to go on and was known as a mob hang out much it shut down last year after 60 years. >> donald trump gets birthday greetings from a broad. trump turned 70 today. some of his fans in india
5:46 pm
celebratecelebrated with cake b. more than a dozen members of right group hindu group held a party. they are inspired by hard talk against islamic terror. the group held a moment of silence to remember victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. meanwhile no break for the presumptive presidential nominees today. >> even as the country grapples witness deadliest mass shooting in american history. doug mckelway with the latest from washington. >> reporter: presidential nominee drum is that under fire after he hined at the fact that president obama was should you complicit in the orlando shooting. >> i mean nobody knows what's going on. nobody knows why he doesn't have more anger, why he doesn't have more pet seive seal. he's a competitive person. why doesn't he more competitive seal. >> he doubles down on his muslim for immigration fans and points finger at the fbi. >> no bigger than than me. they've had better days let's face it. they had him twice an third time they were look organize thinking
5:47 pm
about it. >> democratic nominee hillary clinton had strong words when it comes to the alleged orlando shooter. >> a matter man filled with hate, with guns in his hands and just a horrible sense of vengeance and vindictiveness. >> reporter: clinton solution to the growing threat differs greatly from trump's. in addition to doing more to protect soft targets throughout the country and increase support for our first responders, she's calling for new restrictions on who can purchase guns. >> if the fbi is watching you for a suspected terrorist link, you shouldn't be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked! >> reporter: senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton are set to meet later today in washington. those are the democratic party hope it signifies a step closer to avoiding a couldn't testified convention in july. in washington, doug mckelway fox news. >> federal reserve opens two-day policy meeting today the central bang was expected to resume raising interest rates but now it appears to be wait and see
5:48 pm
mode following the government's disappointing jobs report for may. most fed watchers don't expect to see higher rates until the fall. the federal reserve will an nouns its decision tomorrow morning. investors will be watching closely for clues about when to expect the next rate hike. in your health tonight lengthening lives in just 15 minutes. that is apparently the am of daily exercise that could lower an adult's -- older risk of earlier death. researchers look at 100,000 people ages 60 and up and they followed them for 10 years and those with low levels of the activity were 22% less likely to die during the study period and those with medium to high levels of activity were up to 35% less likely to die. so the researchers say this shows older adults who start and stay physically active do reap greater health benefits. the findings are about to be presented at the european society of cardiology. people who sleep late may be more likely to eating unhealthy
5:49 pm
diets. the researchers measure the habits of 100 healthy adults between 18 and 50 years old. researchers found those who slept later in the day had poorer diets and bigger fans of fast food. those findings appear in the journal sleep. >> interesting. an exciting a announcement today. mayor jim kenney names this year's mayor i don't know anderson award recipients with an xs. let ba tell, kenny gamble and leon huff are the lucky three. awards are in honor of philadelphia opera singer marion anderson. it's for artists whose work has crib to do our society and improved our world. for the first time since 2008 more than one person is being honored at the awards and it comes at an important time. >> this year's ceremony is particularly special as it comes just a few months after it was announced that marian anderson will be memorialized on the newly designed back of the $5 bill along with other civil rights leaders. marian anderson's talent as a vocalist surpassed by her
5:50 pm
dedication to fighting for the rights of all americans. >> the gala the awards gala taking place in november. >> that's all these young men and women want to do. they just want to serve their country. >> special day outside fox 29 the us army celebrates its birthday in philadelphia today. it look like jenn fred was the unofficial party captain. >> of course she was. take a look at what happened this morning. >> one, two, three, olay. >> u.s. army celebrated its birthday with good day. the under secretary of the army himself patrick murphy leading the charge. >> can i go? >> you can go. >> all right. >> go! okay. here we are. patrick, let's block a little bit and get like what we're doing here. >> watch her crash through my office window. >> now, mike jerrick, i can hear with my earpiece you better be quiet. >> okay. i'll be quiet. >> so patrick under secretary, when you did this for the first time you admitted it was a little scary, right. >> how you feeling right now. >> i feel good now. i'm a pro. >> when is the laugh time you
5:51 pm
came off a building? >> the laugh time i came off building was 12 years ago. you know this is why i join the army. repel off the side of a building in keeps college in wilkes-barre i want to be like those guys and gals. >> sergeant major of the army was here as well. chef robbed irvine was his repelling partner. >> he's highest enlisted man. one mel i don't know soldiers in our army right now. active duty national guard and reserves and what he is, he is the highest ranking enlisted officer in the whole army and let me tell you soldiers love him he's out this pting this morning with soldiers. but he just came from cuba pting when it the folks at gap became he's in iraq and afghanistan. we try to lead by example these young americans who are risking their lives. >> listen i got the number one guy in the army right here with me. >> listen, i know, i know you're a rock star. you said you saw it in my face when i went over that i was little chicken. just a little bit but i have to give you credit you got up there
5:52 pm
and did it. you made these people proud and our soldiers proud. >> we here at fox 29 are proud of our men and women who serve our country every day. thank you for yours service. >> insurance agent from cherry hill new jersey recognized for helping u.s. soldiers look pretty darn dapper. farmers insurance agent eric meyer took part in the company's suits for soldiers initiative. he collected nearly 750 suits for military members who are transitioning back to civilian careers. that's more than any other agent and for that farmers gave him a special award today. >> the last thing that they should have to worry about is coming home, getting back into main stream america as civilians and have to worry about suits. there suits used to be camouflage and uniforms, so it's a good way to give back. >> it is a good way to give back and all the drive collected more than 8500 suits for both men and women entering civilian life. shocking find in a
5:53 pm
neighborhood drainage system. 11-foot alligator. what mysterious call that led authorities to his incredible find. plus new at 6:00, eagles kicker cody parkey opens his home to a shelter dawling. what he says about the rescue teaching him discipline that could help him on the field. >> what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are doing together night that could bring them closer for next month monts democratic convention in philadelphia. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:54 pm
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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check out this giant alligator found in the drainage system of a neighborhood of a fort myers florida area. now, workers with the transportation department investigate a complaint about a bad odor coming from a catch basin the 11 poodle dead alligator removed with an excavator and disposed of in dump site. six-year-old teaching basketball pros a thing or two about the game. >> her skills of course have gone viral. fox's tie brennan has her amazing story. >> i'm going to be a doctor and basketball player. >> reporter: six-year-old jahlil la manuel got her life figure out. the pint size baller has been playing the game for years. her dad taught her everything she knows she says. >> sad dad so important to me he teach me how to play basketball. and he does things for me and takes care of me.
5:58 pm
>> louisiana native has acquired quite the following online where she shows off her dribbling skills. her instagram videos have received more than 60 million views. as part of sunday mercury game theme, dads and daughters the team invited jahlil la and her father out to phoenix to show brittany gleimer and the rest of the team how to trouble like her. >> we did some moves and teached her how to do -- >> what was your favorite part of the day. >> when i got to meet my favorite player brittany greiner. >> seemed to love the lesson showing jay la a think or two when it comes to dunking. >> i'll remember it. >> memorable gay out on the hardwood for not only this mini basketball sensation butter for the whole mercury team. in phoenix, tie brennan, fox news. >> we just wept havining times f our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes.
5:59 pm
♪ living through the terror. a fox 29 intern one of the survives of the orlando massac massacre. telling her story from the hospital. >> shots. >> the moving way she's dealing with the guilt of surviving. plus alarming revelations from the killer's wife. >> did you know your husband is a terrorist? >> what sources say she may have known before anyone died. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ton night focus turning omar mateen's wife and what she knew about the orlando nightclub shootings and her husband's deadly plot. law enforcement source telling fox news that nora solomon told investigators mateen shared his plans with her to carry out an attack and that mateen may have even called her from the gay nightclub pulse during the slaughter. officials say despite what she knew she did nothing to make
6:00 pm
authorities aware. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. new developments in the investigation tonight. plus some gut wrenching survivor stories including that of our own fox 29 intern wounded in the orlando massacre. first though the latest on the investigation. mateen's wife could now be facing arrest for tipping off authorities about the tragedy. meanwhile, fbi is investigating reports mateen visited pulls several times at attack. he had profiles on gay dating apps. he's accused of of killing 49 people and shooting more than 50 others many of whom who remain in the hospital. >> fox 29 intern speaking out from the hospital about what it was like trying to hide from the gunman during the horrific massacre. patience carter says she was vacationing with her friends tiara parker and akyra murray and they were excited to go to a popular orlando nightclub. murray would not make it out alive. patience carter says it was supposed to be the best night of


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